Monday, August 16, 2021

In search of a steak and cheese

So Saturday was pretty damn horrible here - cold and blowing a gale - but Sunday simply started off cold and turned into a reasonable day so I did something a bit different...

Yes, I went riding but this time I did something radical - I got the poor old Connie out and surprised the hell out it.  Poor wee thing has not had much action lately but started right up after a long slumber on the battery tender. 

As per normal SOP, the ride started with a visit to the gas station and then I made my way out to Ashhurst and out Pohangina Valley East Road.

The Connie is a slightly different beast to the mighty WR which I last rode up the valley but after fourteen years things soon feel "right" and you're looking for corners.

The ride around the valley was great.  Yes, there was the normal winter valley hazards, wet and slippery roads along with metal, branches and even mud on the roads but that's just there to keep you on your toes.  By the time I got to the turn-off at Apiti I'd passed a group of three slow bikes (one old classic out front and a Harley bringing up the rear) and another bunch of Harleys stopped on the side of the road (no sign of backup vehicle) so there seemed to be plenty of others out enjoying the nice morning.

The trip around the rest of the Manawatu Scenic Route to Mangaweka was more of the same with more slipperyness in the shady spots but it was actually surprisingly clean alongside the crumbly bluffs nearer to Mangaweka.

In Mangaweka it was time for a stop for an early lunch and I lucked out in getting the last Steak and Cheese pie at the Dukes Roadhouse.  And it was superb!

Perfect pastry and real meat and gravy inside

Connie making the cafe look good...

The perfect pie and the perfect sports-tourer - all in one shot!

After my pastry wrapped goodness it was time to find a way out onto the dreaded SH1.  Good of them to provide an escape route for 1400cc Adv bikes.

A wee way up the road I turned left at the speed camera to head back onto some more favourite back roads.

The ride up Mangamako Road was really fun.  The road was much drier by now and didn't have as much metal and rubbish on it as Pohangina Valley East.  It was a great warm-up for the stretch of Rangiwahia road from Pemberton to Kimbolton.  The Connie seemed to really enjoy those delicious corners...

From Kimbolton, the Connie managed to settle herself down for a wee cruise into Feilding for a visit with my folks before returning home to the shed to tell the other bikes all about her adventure.  A thoroughly lovely wee 220kms in preparation for more soon...


  1. mmmmm pie arghhhhhhhhh

    1. Come git some! Oh wait, we're under lock down now too - thanks for that...

  2. Best cheesesteaks are here in Philadelphia! lol

    1. Pretty sure you're talking about something slightly different. But I'm keen to try a cheesesteak - not afraid of food...

  3. Your story about surprising the Connie reminds me of how Maria, my BMW 1150 RT would get ridden less and less once I had gotten my BMW R80 which was smaller. Now the poor R80 sits in the garage and I ride the little Yamaha TW200 mostly when on two wheels.

    1. It's funny, I love riding it whenever I get on it - it is just a fantastic horse with a mere 164,000km on it. But, lately I've been really concentrating on Adv and trail riding. Adv riding because I just love the places we go and the challenge of riding on different surfaces. And trail riding because it is outstanding fun and the 450 is a blast!

      Four bikes take a bit of work to keep exercised! What I am going to do if it becomes 5?