Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Yeah, it's been a while

Things have been a wee bit busy...

And not just at work.  After about an 18 month hunt, a little disappointment and stress I've finally bought a new home just outside of Palmy.  And in even more good news, the old place went unconditional just before Christmas so I won't be in debt to the bank forever...

My search for a new place has been hampered somewhat with the ridiculous housing market here and of course my criteria.  I am not really that fussy but one of the things I needed was a decent shed - more poor ute has never been out of the weather and I wanted a decent space for playing around with bikes and what not.  Most modern places seem to be big houses (not a requirement for me) on postage stamp sections with (if you are lucky) a single garage.  And often they do weird stuff like stuffing the laundry in the garage - why?

Anyway, without further ado, here's what the shed looks like 😉

The shed is yet to be completely sorted out, there's still stuff in boxes etc but as you can see the important things are sorted out and there's still oodles of room for the ute (although it's currently parked under the carport) and working on things.  I've also got heaps of other storage out there so all my gear will be able to live there instead of having to find a place for it in the house.

And I've even done the first job out there...

Cable operated clutches suck!

Before I started the job I undertook a training course for it (watched a Youtube video) where the guy just taped the new cable to the old and pulled it through using the old one.  Yeah, nah, that was never going to work.  I had to get a little more serious.

250 powerhouse

Hate those fuel line clips - but they work

It was a finicky little job with not much room to get at some things (particularly the little bottom mount bolts for the cable) and the Chinese did not make the cable 1mm longer than it needed to be.

As it happened to be bucketing down when I did the job, the only way I could test the cable was in the shed...It seemed ok and eventually I managed a little ride around the village and I think it's ok - still need to try a "high speed" run to make sure there's no slip anywhere...

So, apart from riding the Connie (Colin rode the Ten and the little bikes came out on the ute) from old place to new, there's not been much riding going on (I have not blogged aride we did just before I got busy so maybe I'll get to it one day) but now I'm relocated and have some time off...


  1. Congrats on the new place Andrew! It’s always a massive sh#tfight moving house so kudos for taking it on just before Xmas! The housing market has gone nuts here too so I’m glad I’m not looking to buy in. Plenty of people are selling to cash in, then realising that it is stupidly expensive to buy back in.
    I’ve been slack on the blogging too but hope to throw some words at the screen in the next few days. Hope you had a good Xmas and here’s cheers to a (much) better year ahead.😎

    1. All the best to you and yours Dave! Sounds like you might have gone for a ride or something...

  2. Ditto with the congratulations Andrew. That's an awesome shed and I wish I could have something similar. I've made good use of YouTube too for maintaining the MGB GT - there are some clever buggers out there. Enjoy your new home and happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Geoff! All the best for the New Year to you too!

  3. Good old university of YouTube. There is a video for everything these days.
    Taping the new cable to the old one will work. Thats how we get cables through ceilings and walls. Anyway merry Christmas and happy new year to you. Enjoy the new pad, where's our house warming invite?

    1. Yeah, nah on taping the cable - just too damn tight and pulled straight off. Very tight squeeze.

      You don't need an invite - drop by anytime. Plenty of room in shed for broken down Triumphs too.