Sunday, January 29, 2012

Return to Scotts Road

I had planned to cruise over to Woodville for the Motocross GP today but yet again the weather wasn't fantastic with pretty blustery conditions and I didn't feel like spending the day sitting out in the wind.

But long before it was even time to think about lunch I was going a bit stir-crazy so decided that I had to get the bike out even if it was just for a short ride.  Well, as per usual it was well worth it and even though Scotts road has taken a bit of damage from trucks & dozers since I was last up there it was a good little ride.

So where is Scotts Road?  Well it's proved impossible to draw a map on GoogleMaps as GoogleMaps seems to think that the road peters out to nothing.  But if you do zoom in and follow the track you can see roughly where I went.

View Scotts Road in a larger map

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