Monday, January 02, 2012

First farkle of the year

And it's only the 2nd of January!

Brian spotted these cheap little LED bulb replacements in at Supercheap and they've got 25% off today...

There was actually quite a selection but we sorted through them and just tried to find the brightest.  The idea is to replace the bulbs in the two little running/park lights and perhaps end up being more visible on the road...

Amazing how small they can make these things
A piece of cake to install - just remove a little cover under the nose and there they are.  Bulbs can be put it the wrong way around so test before replacing in reflector.

Bulb on the left, LED on the right
Job done
I'm not sure if they're a lot brighter but they are definitely are a whiter light.  Look nice but probably not the best "investment" I've made - $19.50.


  1. Happy New Year Andrew!

    I've had those little blue lights on the Striple for the last 18months because they were a freebie when I bought my Osram Nightbrakers from the UK. Mine aren't lensed and stick out from the main reflector but they do look quite cool when it's parked with them on!

  2. Thanks Geoff, same to you!

    Yeah, I got my one's free that way too. They were a little brighter than the originals - kinda hoped the LED's would be a bit better than they are. Might look better outside and in the dark...