Sunday, January 15, 2012

Playing in the shed

Another weekend of average weather so I didn't really get out for a decent ride but got to potter around in the man-cave instead.  After a bit of a quick tidy up and setting up an old stereo for better sounds in the cave I decided to have a play with making a new mount for the GoPro for fitting to the DL.

I ended up making a smaller version of the one that Dad made me for on the Connie.  This time around I already had a piece of metal (must have been a shelf support or something) with a right angle bend in it and even some holes in the right places for it's new use.  So really the only thing I had to do was cut it to the right length for the job and file off the nasty sharp bits.  I then just bolted it onto the pannier frame using an existing bolt.  Time for a test run...

For such a simple job I pretty happy with the results.  I could have mounted it a little better to get less of me and the angle is also off a little but overall not too bad.  I'm also very impressed with how little the vibration comes through onto the video - at idle the camera was vibrating quite a bit.  GoPro's rock!


  1. You are right it is pretty steady. We have a GoPro too, we haven't used it much yet. I am however going to use when I start riding when it's warmer.

  2. Looks pretty good andrew. Finding good mounting spots for thses things that will give good videos isn't as easy as you would think.