Sunday, August 05, 2012

King Country Videos

Well, I've finally finished playing around with the video from last weekend and have uploaded a few short bits (I had over 4 hours recorded).  Unfortunately there is no video from the Saturday as Graeme took us up the fantastic Turakina Valley and the riding and the country was fantastic.  The reason there's no video?  Well I thought that the camera was playing up all day and then when playing around with it on Saturday night I wiped the card...

BTW: I don't expect you to wade through all the video but I hope you get a feel for how much fun we were having.

Anyway here's the first video taking us out of Taumarunui on Ongarue Back Road which was pretty good gravel.  Just a few spits of rain for a little while and one little disruption to the riding...

The next video is on Mangokewa Road which was just in fantastic condition which put the Vee right in her element.  Superb!

The next video takes us to our lunch stop in Piopio via some more excellent gravel (Tikitiki Road) and nice scenery.

This last video shrinks down the last 140km to just 15 minutes but does show some quite different country in places.  We started off on some marbles (see discussion at 3 min) but ended on some tight windy roads that eventually dropped us down into Taumarunui again.  (Damn typo on the map too!)

Did I mention we had a great time?

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  1. Looks like you and the guys had a fun day of it. NZ sure has some nice scenery away from the main roads.