Saturday, October 19, 2013

A new season of FNR's

Yes, it's now daylight savings again so Friday night rides are back.  I'm not too sure how many I'll get to but after having the day off I figured I didn't really have a good excuse not to go.

This time around we have the support of the local Suzuki dealer so the ride got quite a bit more publicity (28 bikes turned up) and the riders got to enjoy a sausage before the ride.

As mentioned we had 28 bikes turn up (some with pillions) including some learners/returning riders on small bikes and even a couple of three wheeled things so the route was just an easy 70 odd km taking us eventually to Fielding to one of the local pubs.

Naturally I had the GoPro with me and set it up to take photos but it decided to misbehave again and I only got a few shots as we left.

After a quick coke and a chat with some of the guys I vamoosed it home to feed his royal dogginess after a quite nice little pootle.


  1. "Pootle"?

    Looks like a beautiful evening for a ride. Does this mean that winter is over?

    1. Yes, once the FNR's start winter is officially over.

      Pootle, you've never pootled?

  2. Even I know what a pootle is. I liken it to a cross between a tootle and puttering. A nice easy pootle.

    Glad to see you have sunshine after work. We are getting dark by 7 pm.