Friday, February 28, 2014

Vee Rubber

Today it was time to get the K60 front peeled off the V-Strom and replaced with a Mitas E-07 to match the one on the rear.  This meant I got to use my race stand...

Hover bike!

The wheel removal was a piece of cake although I did have to unbolt the mudguard so that I had enough clearance to remove the wheel.  The front axle was also fairly tight - but then that's a good thing I 'spose.

The Heiny has about 10,800kms on it so has lasted very well (much better than the rear did) and I have even kept it in case I should need it at some stage.

The new Mitas was spooned on by the local bike shop and looks suitably chunky - I sense a gravel ride coming up very shortly...

Replacing the front wheel was the just as easy as getting it off although I did remove one brake caliper to make things a little easier.

Gravel here we come!


  1. Nice! Nothing better than a new tire, it means more adventures to come!

    1. Absolutely! Hopefully in the not too distant future...

  2. Andrew:

    There's nothing like the smell of new shoes, waiting for another adventure

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. The K60 seems to be pretty long lived, especially on the front.My first one I pulled last fall after 14K miles and it still looks like it has quite a bit of life left. I may simply put it back on in a couple of months to avoid having to remove the studs from the new one.

    1. Yes, I got them because of their reputation for long life. I was a little disappointed with the rear only lasting 9,000km though. I doubt the E-07's will last any longer but they are a lot cheaper...

  4. Have fun breaking in the new shoes!