Monday, April 01, 2024

Good Friday Gravel

It felt like it'd been ages since I'd ridden a bike and when I threw a leg over the T7 on Good Friday and hit the gravel I was decidedly wobbly for a while.

I'd ridden out to Pohangina and then climbed up Finnis Road where the corrugations were pretty bad and the road doesn't really allow you to go fast enough to smooth them out.  

From there I hit Ridge Road and I still hadn't really got my head around the gravel.  I was blaming the gravel, the front tyre and all sorts of things but a lot of it had to be a rusty me.

At least I had the road pretty much to myself as I carried on towards Apiti.

Rather than visiting the delights of Apiti, I turned at the end of Ridge Road to take in Makoura Road where the first bit of gravel heading up the hill was a delight.  The previous days rain had settled it down nicely and the bike left some nice marks in it as I gassed it up the hill.

The ride home via Pohangina Road was more of the same with mostly nice fast gravel except for the last bit near Pohangina (normally in great nick) which was a little deeper than normal.

Just a quick little 110km ride in mostly (the odd little spit here and there) to kick off the long weekend.  Love it!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about being rusty. I had a death grip on the DX for the first few hours of dirt this week while going super slow to boot.
    Need more of this, clearly.

    1. You may have stumbled on the solution...