Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Buggy Madness - the Maverick Muster

Ok, I should be writing up a wee ride from two weeks ago - but, I've been busy.

Colin and I are about three weeks back from another South Island adventure.  This time around we took his Can-Am Maverick down and joined up with 6 other buggies for 6 days of magic mahem in the Central Otago region.

We had an absolute ball and covered quite a few tracks that we've done before on the WR's but it was a different experience in a buggy - they go anywhere and it doesn't really matter what the terrain is like.

Well, sometimes things happen...

Anyway, I'm not sure if I want to blog the trip on here unless readers are interested?  But, I have created a new YouTube channel (there's a Maverick Muster playlist with all the videos) where most of the video has been uploaded.

So, please comment if you're interested in this stuff - there's 500+ photos to go with the video and we also had a play in the buggy last weekend...



  1. I wanna see 500 photos.....

  2. Looks nuts Andrew! Are those things expensive? Are there many places to run them?

    1. That's pretty tame compared to what we did last weekend...

      They're not cheap. Quite a few organised events for them just like trail bikes and we're lucky to have quite a few areas where you can just go and have a play.