Saturday, May 10, 2014

Harnessing some ergs

Before we get too far into this, know one thing: I'm a pretty hopeless amateur when it comes to electrickery and wiring stuff up...

For I while I've tossed around the idea of being able to charge certain gadgets while on the bike and my thoughts were to electrify my tank bag so all the gadgets could sit in there while they're charging.

Of course, I could have splurged on the special setup that SW-motech sell for this bag but I think the components must be made of gold.  Instead I decided to install a dual 12v socket setup in the bag and use cheap USB adapters to charge the gadgets.

At the moment the wires exit the bag through the base and end at a 12 plug that goes into my existing accessory socket in the fairing of the bike.  Eventually I'll replace this with a separate wire from my fuse block to some waterproof connectors.

I had my wee dramas wiring things up and with no ergs coming through into the bag I was doubting my electrical skills more and more until I discovered a blow fuse in the 12v plug (I had cut this plug off something else and it hadn't been used forever).  With that fixed you'll never guess what happened...

So now I can charge 4 USB gadgets at once (handy because my GoPro needs 3 and the phone 1) or unplug as adapter and use the 12V socket (one of my cameras has a 12v charger).  I'm sure I'll use this setup at least once a year...a very necessary farkle eh?

Now I just need a similar setup for the Connie (more likely to use it on the Connie too) but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to use the tank bag as the Connie's little glove box thingee in the middle of the tank is causing me some clearance issues - I'll have to put my thinking cap on.


  1. Nice job. And all without electrocuting yourself too.

    Should make charging the gadgets a little more convenient.

    1. No fires either! now I need more gadgets...and a bigger tank bag and...