Thursday, May 01, 2014

Laying Tracks

The other day I was chatting to Neil and mentioned that I'd been trying to save all of my GPS tracks from my Adventure rides.  I'm not sure I've managed to get them all but here they are:

As you can see I really need to get out and see a bit more of the country ;)

A zoom in on the Manawatu/Wanganui/Wairarapa/Hawkes Bay regions definitely shows where I've been doing most of my riding.  One of the things I've said to a lot of people is how much more of the country you can see if you get off the beaten track.  I've also said that for a long time after getting the V-Strom I never went further than about 200km from home but was constantly discovering new roads to ride and sights to see.  It's been fun.

I also used to have a similar file for road rides but can't seem to find it.  That file covered a lot more of the country but obviously only dates back about 4 years or so to when I bought my Zumo so only covers a fraction of my riding.  I must create a new file as I do have a lot of tracks stored separately and just need to combine them.

Looking forward to putting more lines on the map...


  1. That still looks like quite the variety of roads.

    We usually manage to get stuck in a rut and ride the same roads over and over. Never seems to be enough time to get a little further than a days ride away.

    We are still looking for another little 200-250cc dual sport too so we can both tootle off into the woods. Hard to find a good used one at a reasonable price.

    1. Get out there and see the world eh? Look forward to some dirty blogs from you...

  2. Wow, that's a lot of roads! We only have 3 roads out of town, north, west and south east. So the GPS isn't a lot of help. Nice that you kept all of the tracks.

    1. You need to find the roads that turn off those roads eh?