Monday, February 09, 2015

The Glove collection

On Saturday I bought some gloves...because I needed to...

I now have six pairs of gloves...

There is a reason for this - I think.  Well, lets see, ummmm, I've been experimenting over the years.  Yes, that's it, experimenting...

Over the years I've tried all sorts of gloves.  Sometimes for comfort and sometimes for waterproofednessness etc.  But, I've worked out that I don't like thick gloves and for the past few years I've pretty much worn thin summer gloves year round, in all weathers and just turned the heated grips on.

Lets quickly run through my old pairs:

This is my oldest pair and they've survived this long because I simply don't wear them.  I find them too thick and from memory they're probably not as waterproof as they are supposed to be.  This pair are the ones that normally get loaned to pillions...

This next pair are actually an ok pair of gloves.  I got these on my first TT2000 and they proved to be very waterproof (although putting wet hands inside them after taking photos on the Milford Road in pouring rain eventually gets them fairly wet from the inside out).  Unfortunately I find them too thick but if I was leaving home in the middle of a thunderstorm then they'd probably be my goto gloves.

These Alpinestars are lined and fairly waterproof and warm.  These get used every now and again in the very cold weather or rain.

This pair have been my everyday gloves that I wear in all weather.  Uninsulated and particularly good at turning your hands black when riding in the rain, they have been great.  But all that getting soaking wet, sitting on heaters/in front of fires to dry and adventure riding etc has taken it's toll and they're shot.

So, this time around I'm trying another experiment.  I've spent about the same money as for the gloves above on two new pairs of gloves.  One set is for the dry and one for the wet and hopefully I'll remember which is which and use accordingly...

My thinking is that if used properly, hopefully the two sets of gloves will outlast one set of thin gloves given my normal amount of abuse.  The "waterproof" pair also don't appear to be too thick which is a plus.

Let the experiment begin...


  1. I think you are okay with six pairs, any more and you might have to start attending meetings. :-)

    Hope that combination works for you.

    1. Good to know...I will be down to 5 once I throw out the old pair...

  2. It's hard to find the perfect pair of gloves - I can understand why so many pair. I've given up on waterproof though came close with a pair of Alpinestars. Having hand's turn purple, been there too - that's why I only buy white leather now (that and the fact they look good with a white bike.)

    1. Not a bad idea although I'm not sure if white is my colour. I can never remember - isn't black the new black?