Friday, February 13, 2015

ScooterBob arrives in New Zealand

The world famous, world traveller ScooterBob has landed in the Land of the Long White Cloud and has chosen to spend some time travelling the countryside with me before heading North to meet Geoff.

Making an exception for our distinguished guest
For those unfamiliar with ScooterBob, please check out the back story here.  You can also read of his travels to date here on Bob's blog.

As a long time reader of Bob's blog it's my privilege to take part in showing ScooterBob some of my part of the world in remembrance of Bob.  And so, early tomorrow morning we will begin our trip South for the TT2000 and hopefully ScooterBob is going to squeeze in plenty of adventure on his visit here.

Looks like he's over the jet-lag and keen to get moving again
I'll do my best to give updates from the road but at times we will be pushed for time so I'll have to catch you up later on down the road...

Mutley is all set too
Lastly, a big thanks to Chillertek for rushing Bob over to me just in the nick of time - we were sweating a bit for a while but they must have updated the postie bikes in Oz and here in NZ...


  1. Really looking forward to yours and Bob's travels. Now don't forget to talk to Bob on your way round, he is an honoured guest in our country after all!

    1. Thanks Geoff. Between Bob and Nutley I've got quite the gang with me...

  2. Glad to see he made it there in time before you left for the south island.
    I can't wait to see some photos of him on the south island with some of those huge mountains.

  3. Just in time for that epic ride. Have fun.

  4. We should see some interesting posts. It will be fun for the two of you.