Wednesday, October 11, 2006

1000 Miler Preparations

With only a few days before the ride, preparations are well under way. The bikes been cleaned and polished and had the once over - tyre pressures ok, chain ok, oil okay, sheepskin on etc. Because we are also doing the Manawatu Ulysees 4 Points Compass Rally (see Planned Rides on my website) in the week after the 1000 Miler, the bike is booked in for a service the Monday after the 1000 Miler and a new rear tyre ordered. All that's required now is to pack what little gear I need for the 1000 Miler into the top box and I'm off.

Our plan of attack so far is:
  • Friday 13th Oct: travel up to Turangi and park up for a quite night (and hopefully a decent sleep).
  • Saturday 14th-15th: Complete the ride and stay the Sunday night again in Turangi.
  • Monday 16th: Return early to Palmerston North and get the bikes serviced.
  • Tuesday 17th: Head off on the 4 Points. Will hit the Lake Ferry checkpoint first and then head up the East Coast - Far North - West Coast and then back to Palmy probably by the following Sunday or Monday. No rush for this one.
  • Saturday 28th Oct: Finish date of the ride/prize giving etc.

All up will probably do close to 5,000 k's in just over a week - not too shaby. Will stick some updates on this blog plus probably a write up & photos on the website.

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