Monday, October 16, 2006

2006 Rusty Nut's 1000 Miler

It' Monday afternoon and we're just back from completing the 1000 miler, the bikes are in the shop being serviced and having tyres fitted for the next ride (the Manawatu Ulysees 4 Points Compass Rally).

The ride was good but tougher than the previous 4 that I've done - there were 3 sections in particular where we took to back roads which were tight in places and tricky in the dark. Also, it was very windy in places and we struck some rain and even fog.

All said though we did it quite comfortably in 21 hours and had a lot of fun in places. When I'm back from the 4 Points Compass Ride I'll right up a bit more of a story and stick it on my website.

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