Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Save the Planet - Ride a Bike

There's been a heap of stuff on the box about how we've gotta start looking after the planet, stop our reliance on fossil fuels etc. The greenies and the government are telling us to get rid of our guzzling cars etc and use public transport.

I've yet to see any of them mention anything about bikes. They only ever mention them when some idiot's written himself off while being chased by the cops or something. They never mention that they are a relatively cheap means of transport (esp fuel wise) and that they take up less space on the roads and in car parks.

When are they going to drop the price of bike registration and maybe change the rules on this with regards to engine capacity. Currently it cost you the same to register anything over 49cc regardless of whether it's a scooter or not.

They should definitely raise the capacity limit to at least 250cc to help encourage more learners out there. It would also mean that some of the larger 4 stroke scooters would cost the same as a 49cc 2 stroke to register - no smoke and probably better economy. I'd probably consider a 250 to go to work on etc. It'd save the tyres on the Bandit as well. While they're at it they could also look at allowing larger capacity (but tame) bikes in as learner bikes like they do in some states in Oz.

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