Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Muffler

Now you can hear the bike!

I've finally got my old Promuff muffler fitted to the new bike. The muffler had done approx 30,000 k's on the old K2 so Brendan (who made the muffler originally) took it apart and repacked it. Because the K6 muffler was not a slip on like on the K2 it meant that Brendan had to modify the inlet side of the muffler and then weld it to the pipe coming from the collector under the motor.

As you can see from the picture he has made a really good job of it and it looks like it's been there from the factory.

The bike sounds great - just like the old one. Haven't had a chance to go for a decent ride yet (windy as hell still) but have got a toy run to do next weekend - a good chance to see how the bike goes with the new muffler.

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