Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wellington Toy Run

Went down to Wellington on Saturday with Mark and Brian to take part in the Wellington toy run.

The organisers were really lucky to pick the best day weather wise that we've had in a long time. Had a good ride down and got there pretty early, signed in and went off to enjoy a free coffee and sausage sizzle.

One of the organisers was a really friendly sort and was handing out hats, beenies, drink bottles etc flat out.

The ride was organised by the Wellington HOGG chapter so the 3 Suzys were outnumbered by the Harley guys. Must have been over 200 bikes. The ride headed up the motorway, down through the Nauranga Gorge, out to Petone and then back into Queens Wharf where we all parked up and there was going to be a judging of bikes etc.

We didn't hang around for the judging, instead heading off to Porirua for some lunch before heading home. Good ride home, got to give the bike the odd squirt here and there.

Next ride on the Calendar is the Coast to Coast - 9 December, then our local toy run on 16th December. Not sure when the Wanganui Toy Run is on but will try and hit that one too.

More pictures here.

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