Monday, December 11, 2006

2006 Coast to Coast

Been a bit lazy not to get onto this sooner but last Saturday (9/12) was the 14th running of the Woodville Lions Coast to Coast. This ride takes riders from the west coast to the east, starting at Himatangi and ending at Akito with the aim to raise money for the local rescue helicopter.

Prior to the ride the weather forecast looked pretty bad but come Saturday morning things had fined up quite a bit. We pottered out to Himatangi and registered pretty early. Ran into a couple of guys I know - one who I generally only see once a year - on the Coast to Coast.

Just before arriving in Fielding we got hit by the first of the rain - a pretty good dousing. Stopped here for fuel so that I wouldn't have to be one of 400 getting it at Woodville before heading out into the wops.

After lunch at Woodville and looking at the skies out to the East we decided that wet weather gear was probably a good idea and then headed off into it. Had to put up with quite a few downpours and some slippery roads but got out there ok and grabbed a coffee and some hot tucker. Hung around for most of the prize giving but decided to scarper before the finish so as we didn't get caught up in the rush when everyone left.

Had a great ride back into Danniverke (love that Danniverke-Weber road) with roads mostly dry with the ocassional damp spot. Stopped there so Mark could gas up before heading home. Good to get another badge and also good to see a lot less idiots on the ride trying to take everyone out.

More pictures here.

Manawatu Standard article here.

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