Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Grand Challenge DVD

Yee hah! Came home from work last night to a package in the mail - the DVD of last year's Rusty Nuts Grand Challenge had finally arrived. So naturally I was forced to sit down and watch it from start to finish.

Really impressed with the final product - there's approx 100min's of video and a slide show of 250 photos. Even more impressed when Mark & myself were featured within the 1st minute of the video! There are plenty of interviews with people before and after the ride, scenes from the various checkpoints and some great shots of bikes going past the cameras at all times of the day & night. Even an interview with some idiot on a Bandit who got hit in the head by a speeding bird (guess who).

Like I mentioned above, it was quite cool to see us on the video and we or our bikes are actually in it quite a bit at the start of the video but my favourite was watching (and listening to) the two of us take off from the last checkpoint - shame I still had the original muffler on the bike. Really made me look forward to this year's ride.

Well worth checking out if you're interested in long runs or are thinking about giving one a go. You can download a preview or order a copy from the Rusty website:

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