Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sunday Arvo

With the bike back in the shed and some awesome weather (better not complain about the heat) Sunday was the day to go for a quiet ride to check things out and make sure the bike was ok.

The map shows the little loop I took (about 120km) and I started by heading over the Pahiatua track (yep bikes working!) then around through Mangamire and into Pahiatua. Back over the Pahiatua track as far as the Balance turn-off, thru to Balance then Woodville and on home over the Saddle (some roadworks and the usual crap on the road).

By the time I got into Ashurst by fuel gauge was suggesting fuel up or head home so I wimped out and headed home for a nice cold drink. Great to be back on the road even if it's only been a couple of weeks - I've even ridden to work twice so far this week (pathetic 7km, 50km/h dawdle in traffic). Ready for another decent ride...

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