Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Arvo

Trawling the Kiwi Rider Website yesterday there was a number of posts about a ride on today.  A group of riders from Wellington had organised a Winter Solstice run coming up through the Wairarapa.  Also, a group from Ashurst/Palmy were heading down to meet up with them for lunch.

With the weather not having been the greatest, I decided to see what sort of day we ended up with before deciding to go or not.  Come Sunday morning it was still blowing a fair bit so I did some chores around home & walked the dog etc.  When I finished this (11am), I checked the website again and found out that the Ashurst crowd were leaving at 11!

Damn!  I grabbed my gear and hustled out the door.  By the time I got fuel etc it was 11:30 before I left Palmy - I thought that there'd by no chance of catching up with anyone.  So I headed off over the track and around Mangamire and on towards Masterton.

The weather was definitely better over that side of the ranges - still a bit of wind but pretty sunny and definitely not cold.  I pottered on through Masterton & Carterton - there were a few bikes about but I didn't see a big bunch of bikes anywhere.

When I hit Greytown I decided to turn off and head out to Martinborough.  When I got there there were a number of bikes about - saw my first GTR1400 in the flesh and one of those weird 3 wheeled scooters as well as one of the new BM dirt bikes and a KTM Supermotard.

I took the long way back to Featherston and also saw a few bikes there stopped for lunch.  Quite windy in Featherston and I also stopped for a quick bite before tackling the Rimutaka's and then heading back through to Waikanae via Staglands.

A quick top up at Otaki before heading home.  A round trip of about 330k's all on my lonesome - I still haven't managed to catch up with some of the other Kiwi Bikers...

Google Map of Ride

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