Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Forgotten Highway Plan

Below is the rough plan I've laid out for tomorrow's ride thru the Forgotten Highway:

I've had a play with the map & worked out some rough distances so as to plan fuel stops etc. Have assumed everyone can manage 200kms on a tank.


  • Awake early to a nice sunny day!
  • Palmy crew meet at BP Rangatiki @ 07:50 for 08:00 start.
  • Quick stop other side of Wanganui to pick up Hornet250Boy. No time for pies or coffee - you've only been on the bike an hour...
  • Arrive Stratford somewhere around 10:30 (maybe a tad earlier).
  • Gas & coffee, plus meet up with any naki & Waikato riders
  • Hit the highway
  • Lunch in Whanga
  • Head on to Tamarunui then Turangi for gas.
  • Quick stop at Flat Hills or Mangaweka for a coffee.
  • Vinegar Hill & home.
Important stuff:

  • Have fun but take it easy - don't want any mishaps!
  • Careful on the gravel - no roosting!
  • If you want to stop for photos anywhere on the Forgotten Highway go for it - you won't be the only one.
That's enough of that waffle, see you there!

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