Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Too nice a day

Yep, the weather over last weekend was far too nice to leave the bike locked away in the shed. Mark & Shelley were in Napier visiting Mark's parents and Mark had mentioned to me that he'd give me a ring before he left Napier so I could come up and meet them somewhere for a bit of a ride.

The trouble was waiting around for the phone call. By 11am I had done most of the things I wanted to do around home and ended up deciding not to waste any more of the nice day. I gave Mark a quick ring and said that I was on my way, geared up and hit the road.

I took my time heading up highway 2 and stopped in Waipuk for some gas and a quick bite. I managed to squeeze 21 litres into the tank but for that amount of fuel I had travelled 368km - the furthest I've pushed the Concours yet.

I turned off Highway 2 at Waipawa and headed through to Patangata and then onto Middle Road into Havelock. A great bit of road this and I was not the only bike out having a play in the sunshine - there was a whole group of riders stopped at Patangata for lunch and a few more went past me going the other way.

After a quick stop in Haumoana to pick up Mark & Shelley we headed out through Hastings and then off down Highway 50 for home. Once again we were not the only bikes out and about and we saw quite a few heading North.

Back on Highway 2 and we cruised back to Palmy with good weather all the way. Nice to see a bit of sunshine - hope it holds for the ride this weekend and the Forgotten Highway ride.

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