Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day Two

Well, we've come as far as Omarama and are having a blast.

Yesterday was supposed to just be a short hop down to Kaikoura but when we got there at about 6pm all the camping grounds were booked solid - apparently there was some pig shooting competition on. So we had to press on and find a bed. Eventually we found a cabin in Cheviot, got a good feed at the pub and then crashed in our jail cell (not kidding - it was an old jail).

Today we were on the road at about 7:40 and turned inland at Amberly. After gassing up at Rangiora and searching in vain for some brekkie we headed on down the road. The first cafe with an open sign was as Cust so I hauled up the Connie and waited for Mark to stop, turn around and come back so we could feast.

Brekkie done we kept on eating miles towards Geraldine. The weather was a bit overcast and chilly but otherwise ok. Gassing up in Geraldine again we felt the first few spits of rain. We ended up getting a bit light rain of Burkes Pass. Once clear of the pass the weather improved 10,000% and the scenery was it's usual spectactular self. We had a few piccy stops at Tekapo and around the lake before heading to Mount Cook.

We stopped at Mt Cook for some more piccys & lunch. Said gidday to Sir Ed's statue and then it was back out the valley again. Trying hard not to doze off or speed too much we eventually made it into Omarama where we gassed up and then found a cabin for the night amongst a heap of Ulyseeians (sp).

Looking forward to heading back out towards the East Coast & the Catlins on Tuesday.

That's all for now...

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