Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Got the bike serviced today and had the recall work done. The recall work was simply replacing of the latches in the panniers and bolting a new rack on the back. Simple.

Surfing the net last night discovered that there have been a few issues in the states with bags coming off or getting damaged. Chatting at the bike shop today, we decided that it was probably rider error in most cases - not checking the bags were on properly or overloading. Some lawyer probably heard about a case coming off and started rubbing his dirty little hands together and hey presto Kawasaki decided to sort things out before they were sued into bankruptcy.

Anyway, job done and bike ready for action. Except for one major wee problem - the nice people at Givi Italy decided to have a bit of holiday (strike action) and my topbox mount is not going to be here in time for the Mini's Return. This is gonna throw a major spanner in the works and I'm really gutted and disappointed as the rack was ordered in November!

Not sure how I'm gonna carry everything I need. Strapping something on the back is not the best solution - it isn't secure and waterproofing could also be an issue. I'm currently looking to see if I can perhaps get a top plate that fits my box and modify it to fit on the standard rack (it's been done elsewhere), my only concern is that the proper rack has some extra bracing which may or may not be necessary. Not a lot time 'til blastoff so gonna have to get onto it...

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