Saturday, April 12, 2008


Beejeebus! I should have touched wood after my last post! The unthinkable has happened - technology has let me down. After a nice day out riding with a few of the local Kber's I stopped on the side of the road to take a piccy of them going pass - no problem - until I went to start the bike. The key would not turn and no matter what I did with the KIPass fob I couldn't get it to turn. Now what?

The others had carried on knowing that I'd catch them sooner or later so I was stranded at the top of Vinegar Hill. After fiddling and fluffing around with the fob and key some more I admitted defeat and grabbed my cell. I put a quick call through to Winton from AFC and outlined my wee dilemma. Luckily for him he had his boss's new V8 ute so he was happy enough to climb in it and head out on a rescue mission.

By the time he got to me I'd had a call from the others and Rottiguy also headed out to rescue some gear from my topbox and also give us a lift up onto the ute. By pure coincidence Winton's dad was also riding past and pulled in to help - it sure made it easier getting 300kg of bike up on the ute!

On the way back we stopped in at my place to see if the other fob or a fresher battery would do the business but not joy. So it was off into to town to drop it at AFC - it will be interesting to see what the verdict is come next week...

Thanks to Colin & Richard for the lift and especially Winton for dropping everything and coming out for the rescue.

Last time I stop for piccys like this:

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