Sunday, April 06, 2008

Start 'em Young!

Meet Billy the Kid. He is my little nephew and is now a big time Kawasaki fan!

I popped up to the Taranaki for a quick visit this afternoon and thought that it was just about time that Billy was introduced to the joys of motorcycling. Next time I go up maybe he'll be riding around all over the farm?

While I don't normally enjoy the ride up to Inglewood - a bit boring and the road can be crawling with cops - today was a bit different. It was the first time I'd really been on the bike since the Mini's Return and it really was nice to be back on the road eating up the k's.

The ride up was pretty uneventful apart from a few spits of rain around Waverly. Coming back for some reason was a bit more fun: there was actually a bit of light rain and the roads were a tad slippery in places. It also got dark early (forgot that that happens when you wind the clock back) and I enjoyed sitting back cruising - starting to get a bit cooler now though, the heated grips got turned on...

430km, 18.3km/l

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