Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yep - and still 3 weeks or so to go before her birthday! Man I love this bike! Just don't want to get off it.

It must be getting close to her birthday 'cause she needs some money being spent on her: rego, warrant and tyres. The rear has just over 10,000kms on it and is looking pretty thin in places - I might get a quick trip in to Napier before replacing the pair. The front is still ok but I think I'll do the pair and may try something different this time.

The Pirelli's have done pretty well I reckon and I may definitely use them again but I think this time I'll go back to Metzlers as I've always liked them in the past. It just remains to be seen how well they'll wear on a heavyweight.

Other than that she'll also need a service and then back out onto the road for some practice for the GC.

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