Sunday, July 13, 2008

Palmy-Masterton-Weber Loop

It'd been a couple of weeks since the bike had been out so all through last week Mark & I had been talking about getting out there and doing it. We'd initially planned to head out on Saturday but the weather decided to be a bit disagreeable so it had to be Sunday.

We left Palmy just before 10am and after gassing up the Connie we headed up over the track in damp and misty conditions. Once we hit the bottom of the track the weather seemed to improve and we turned off to head around through Mangamire before backing our way to Masterton.

In Masterton we stopped for an early lunch at the Subway before heading out Highway 52. I particularly like the bit of road through to Alfredton and even though the road was a bit damp in places it was a great ride. Further on up the road we caught up to a couple of Triumph Tigers out prowling the wilderness. We sat behind them for quite a while until they upped the pace a little while we took it a bit more quietly - my rear tyre is just about toast so I was not going to push it on damp and dodgy roads.

Coming through Pongaroa there were a number of bikes parked up having lunch but I did not recognise anyone so we kept on going through to Weber and then that great bit of road into Danniverke.

I turned off at Oringi to show Mark the roads I'd been introduced to a few weekends earlier when out with some of the Manawatu Kiwi Bikers. It's really nice through here although perhaps not as nice when the weather packs it in and decides to bucket down on ya!

Never mind, it fined up by the time we got back onto the main road and we headed back to Mark's via the gorge for a quick cuppa and debrief. A nice and enjoyable way to spend the day with about 320km being added to the odometer.

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