Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friday Night Ride

First one of the season and I was crook with a cold but went anyway. A really fantastic group of bikes (about 27 in all - couldn't get them all in the picture) all keen despite the average weather.

Due to the windy conditions, the ride was cut short and we simply headed through the gorge, then back through Balance and over the track back into Palmy. It was quite windy through Balance and there was quite a bit of drizzle. I had issues with my visor fogging as I was wearing my old shoei which has no anti-fog insert fitted. Visibility got worse coming down the track as it was quite foggy - not a lot of fun.

The ride ended at the Brewer's Apprentice where I departed due to my cold and also wanting to be fit and ready for the 800km ride today - alas, as I write this I'm still fighting the damn bug and given the weather conditions I've bailed on the ride. Hopefully Mark has a good ride and writes it up...