Friday, October 31, 2008

Why I'm not on the Friday night ride tonight

Yep, got taken out on the VTR on the way home from work. A guy who admitted to being in a hurry to get home failed to give way and clobbered me at slow speed (both of us) on the right hand side of the bike and over and off I went. No injuries to me except for a bang on the knee and a bit of a graze there but the poor wee Honda got a bit hammered.

What I think is the worst of the damage is to the RHS radiator where the fairing was rammed into it. Coolant everywhere so I couldn't ride her home so Brian had to come and rescue me with his trailer. Otherwise, the fairing is pretty much toast on both sides, the screen is cracked, LHS indicator gone, a wee scratch on the LHS muffler (which has been pushed in closer to the center of the bike), clutch lever & mirror and that's about it.

Insurance claim is already sorted with the car driver accepting liability etc. It just remains to be seen as to how long before she's back on the road. Really annoying but the worst accident I've had in 20 years...

More soon when I hear from the insurance company/bike shop.

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