Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday night ride?

Yep, awesome day in Palmy today so Brian and I decided to go for a ride after work to make the most of it. We shot over to Feilding where I topped up the Honda before we went to attack Vinegar Hill.

After a great ride through Vinegar Hill we stopped in Hunterville for tea before the return ride home. Leaving Hunterville we did a little loop behind Hunterville to avoid a little bit of SH1. We still had to do about 20km of SH1 (1 x speed camera and 1 x rolling cop) before taking the Halcombe turn-off.

Instead of rolling through Halcombe and then into Feilding we turned off again and rode through to Mt Biggs before the last little leg into Feilding and home. A really good ride to blow the cobwebs out before the last day of work before Xmas.

1 comment:

  1. What? No bar-b-que grills?

    Any excuse to blow the cobwebs out. I wish I had friends. Then I could ride with one.

    Take care!