Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Day ride

It seemed like I hadn't ridden the Connie all year so when Cowboyz put up a plan for a New Year's Day ride followed by dinner it could not be ignored so by 12:30 I was geared up and off up the road towards Ashhurst. Riding through town I caught up with Meanie, Monie and Cowboyz who were fueling their bikes (still no gas in Ashhurst) and followed them out to Ashhurst to wait for the others.

It wasn't long before we were joined by the others and when we departed Ashhurst there was fourteen bikes in all pootling towards Feilding. Today I had also mounted my video camera so I managed to shoot my first bit of video as we crossed over Colyton Road. I'll post up some of the video later when I get around to editing it.

From Feilding we all had a ball on the Halcombe road before stopping briefly at the main road to tell each other about how great the ride was. Next was a short ride up SH1 to Hunterville where we turned off to tackle Vinegar Hill.

Vinegar Hill was a lot of fun as usual although a fair bit of traffic on it spoiled it a little. Arriving in Cheltenham it was time for another regroup before continuing on to Kimbolton.

I had a great ride from Kimbolton through to Apiti following Meanie closely with the video running the whole way - mint!

From Apiti I followed Martin on his 'Busa around the Pohangina valley and back to Ashhurst. Parking up after our great ride we settled down with cold drinks followed by dinner at the Apiti pub. A great way to finish off a good day out on the bikes.

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