Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday night ride

Nice to see the weather forecaster's still can't get it right - the weather was supposed to be shocking on Friday night but by 6pm the rain still hadn't come so the ride was on.

Brian and I pootled out to Ashhurst and met up with 4 others for a quick squirt through Vinegar Hill. There was a few spits of rain as we left Ashhurst and once on the hill we discovered plenty of damp corners but otherwise the riding was great.

After the fun of the Hill we pottered down SH1 until turning off for Halcombe. Another nice ride through here except for a short period where we got stuck behind an idiot in a 4WD who thought he could drive - he couldn't, so it was good to get past him and leave him to his bouncing all over the road style.

In Feilding we stopped for a drink, snack and a chin wag before all finding our own way's home.

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