Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's raining

Yep, the bad weather hit last night and we've had rain for most of the day (say 99.9% of the day) so I spent the day in the shed playing with my toys.

The first job after having a bit of a tidy up was to change the oil in both bikes and this went well except for a little spill when removing the Honda's filter - it wasn't quite as bad as BP's current woopsie so it was sorted pretty quickly.

After a quick break for lunch it was time to move onto a slightly bigger job (well for me anyway) and that was to fit some Oxford Hot grips to the Honda. I've had a set on the Connie since new and you get used to being able to ride in thin gloves year around and just cranking up the heat when it gets cold...

The job itself was pretty easy although I had a few little issues. One of the old grips had to be cut off and the LHS hot grip was very firm to get on (didn't even bother to glue it on). Routing all the wires was also quite a job as there are wires going from the keypad to a controller under the seat and then back again to the grips. Additionally, trying to keep them out of sight meant poking them in and around all sorts of things and trying to keep them away from hot things at the same time.

Anyway, eventually I had everything sorted and I'm happy to say that everything works as it should and the wiring looks pretty tidy. I did however make one other little mistake - see if you can spot it in some of the other pictures...

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