Sunday, June 06, 2010

Making the most of it

Yep, we've got a long weekend this weekend but the weather forecast for two of the three days is crap - wet, wet, wet! So after waking up to a fairly frosty but sunny Saturday morning, Brian and I decided to get our weekend ride in before the weather turned to custard.

We'd initially planned a decent ride taking in the back roads (some of Route 52) to Martinborough for lunch before returning via Mauriceville and Mangamire. A good squirt and a chance to exercise the Connies. But with the hard frost we wussed out on Route 52 (there would have been a good chance of some frosty bits) and decided on a smaller ride nearer to home and so broke out the Hondas.

After petrol in Ashhurst we attacked the Saddle - but with a lot of caution as it was fairly greasy and slippery in places. I also got quite a good fright as I climbed the hill when a Subaru came around a corner on my side of the road and we both had to take evasive action. A good thing that neither of us was travelling quickly but man some people need to learn how to drive!

From the Woodville side of the Saddle we followed the hill as we tried to keep away from SH2 but eventually popped back out just South of Oringi. At Oringi we turned off again to take in Jackson Road to Hopelands. It was very nice through here (as always) with nice views of the farmland and a great bit of road.

We turned left off Jackson Road and cruised through to Kohinui before popping out onto the main road at Mangatainoka. From here it was just a short ride through to Pahiatua where we stopped for a hot drink and lunch before continuing on over the track to home.

It turned out being quite a short ride but it was a lovely winter's day which helped make it another great ride out on the little Honda.

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