Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tag Fail

Yesterday, Supersonic posted up that the Nationwide Tag was in our area (he had scored it and placed in Danniverke) and as I was heading up to the Bay for the day I decided to go for it.

I left Palmy in nice sunny weather but on wet roads so it was just a gentle cruise up SH2 to Danniverke. I stopped just outside of the town to get the tag and then again for a quick top up of the tank before continuing Northwards.

At Takapau I turned off to take SH50 and continued on in pootle mode as I took in the scenery and enjoying the ride. Heading over the hill I had one little moment on some slippery stuff (wet greasy tar) but otherwise got through my favourite bit of the road with no issues.

At Maraekakaho I stopped to a piccy of what was going to be my tag before carrying on to my folks place in Napier. Bike parked, I raced up into the house and fired up their dial-up (shudder) internet to post the tag. Dang, once the page finally loaded I found out that I'd missed the tag and that it was now in Hastings!
However there was some consolation in that my sister and her girls were visiting the olds so I got to spend the afternoon with them before gearing up for the ride home.

The ride home was pretty uneventful except for coming across some boy racers on SH50 doing burnouts in the middle of the road. Talk about smoke! I actually buttoned off concerned that some idiot was going to come out of going sideways and take me and my little red bike out! Twats!

I eventually got home just after 6 after a nice ride back in the dark. Heated grips rock!


  1. I've started carrying a netbook with an air card. Then I can post right from the tag site. Sometimes it works and sometimes I'm still too late!

  2. Nice to see the Firestorm out.

    No riding this weekend up this way. It's been solid rain and gale force winds!