Saturday, September 25, 2010

Curing Cabin Fever

With this September being the wettest on record there hasn't been nearly enough riding going on, so when the weather improved this afternoon and I'd managed to attack the jungle that was my back lawn it was time to ride.

The little red Honda was obviously keen too as it seemed to roar into life as soon as my thumb got in the general vicinity of the starter button. Within two seconds of climbing aboard I was rearing to go and had to be careful riding across town least I attract the attention of the was good to back on the bike.

Turning onto the track I glanced at the car giving way to me and noticed a set of low profile lights sitting atop the dash of the commodore so I silently cursed as I pottered on up the road keeping a close eye on my speed and mirrors. I thought that my chances for a bit of fun were looking a bit grim - luckily just before the start of the fun bits the car turned off and I was able push that little worry to one side.

Very quickly things started to come together and I was having a ball working my way up and down the box and listening to the music from the Honda's titanium silencers (ahem). The road was in pretty good condition considering the truly foul weather that we've been having so it was good to finally get to try out the new front tyre on a dry road and I'm happy to report that the Pilot Power felt great and I think may have even improved the turn-in over the old tyre. The rear Pilot Road however did protest on one occasion when some idiot changed down to 1st entering a very tight corner, kicking out for a second before gluing itself back to the road and behaving itself for the rest of the ride.

Instead of carrying on to Pahiatua I turned off to come back through Ballance and have another go at the track before pootling home. The track was just as much fun in that direction as it was coming over it ten minutes earlier.

Just a short ride but man it was good to blow the cobwebs out! I wonder what the weather's going to do tomorrow?

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  1. Hi Andrew, Only just got to your website as Jennie and I are still
    "on tour"(in the 4x4 mercifully). Currently holed up for the day at Whitby just north og Wellington at a riding partner's place. Boy, the weather doesn't get any better, does it? We'll all be a bit underdone for the GC if id doesn't improve. Good on you for getting out when you can.