Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Finally starting to see a few articles on the VFR1200T - the touring version of the VFR1200F. Still not a lot of details but it looks pretty nice (although it seems to have a bit of a sour look on it's face).

A few articles:


  1. Andrew:

    When I was looking around for a new bike, the "Blackbird replacement" was a serious early consideration. However, it took forever to arrive so I went for something completely different in the end. Glad I didn't wait. For a "sports tourer", the range is abysmal and it's overpriced.

    I see that they are now throwing in touring luggage as part of the purchase price in the UK to try and boost sales.

    The "F" model is not a replacement for the 'bird of course, but I'm still not sure what it's trying to be. I suppose I'm disappointed because I was looking for a continuing competitor to the Hayabusa and the equivalent Kawasaki.

  2. I agree the 'F', although a fantastic bike by all accounts is not a replacement for the bird and is definitely not a match for the ZX-14, Hayabusa or the more touring oriented Connie & FJR. The short range completely rules it out as a tourer for me. It is also too expensive - the Concours is cheaper and a superior tourer.

    This 'T' has a lot more potential for touring assuming it has a bigger tank and better range. Need more info though to really comment. Is it intended to be a competitor to the Connie or maybe the new 1600 beemer? What would be interesting is if it came in at a price close to the Connie...

    About time Yamaha updated the FJR and Suzuki are long overdue with something similar...

    Doesn't really matter to me, I'm a long way from trading the Connie - it's only done 56k...