Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final preparations

Yes, a few more things crossed off the list:
  • oil & filter change
  • final drive oil change
  • bike wash & polish
All I've got to do now is pack, check the tyre pressures, get through 4 days of work and I'm off! The weather is currently going to custard, but that's ok, it can do what it wants this weekend as long as it improves for next weekend and the following week...


  1. Hahaha! I have a little list...

    ....and I'm slowly working my way through it, building up an inventory of bits and pieces in the downstairs lounge. To Hamilton on Tuesday for a 10,000 km service and we're all ready. Are you staying at the Parklands Lodge? There's 3 of our group booked in there now.

    Really looking forward to catching up with you.

  2. Hi Geoff. I'm stying at Creel Lodge - I've stayed there 8 times previously so don't want to change now and jinx my ride ;-)

    See you at Rusty HQ!

  3. Hope it has all worked out for you all. Our summer is ending and yours is beginning. I'm jealous already!