Saturday, October 02, 2010

Return of the Friday night ride

Yes, daylights savings has started and therefore the Friday night rides - woohoo!

Yesterday the weather had started off not too great but started get better in the early afternoon so both Brian and I were keen to get out of work and get on the bikes.

In Ashhurst we met up with the others and by the time we left for the Saddle there was probably 10 of us all raring to go. With the Manawatu Gorge closed due to slips there was a lot of traffic on the Saddle but unusually the car drivers were pretty polite and pulled over whenever they could to let the bikes through so we still had a pretty good run. We took it pretty easily though and it was great to tuck in behind a line of bikes and watch them running through the corners as I followed, the VTR making some lovely noises as the revs rose and fell as I alternately accelerated and braked depending on which way the road snaked. Pure magic.

While most of the traffic carried on towards the Bay we snuck around the road block to head back into the Gorge as far as the turn-off to Balance. Another great ride through here and then it was onto the track which was just sublime. From the bottom of the track we continued on back to Ashhurst for a cold drink and some socialising before finally heading home.

An absolutely great start to the FNR season!

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