Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pets & Bikes

Roger & Geoff have both gone off topic on their blogs lately and introduced the furrier members of their families. Unfortunately they not only have poor taste in bikes (three cylinder thingees) but also pets (cats) so I thought that I'd better introduce a proper pet in the form my vicious guard dog Bart.

Bart is a refugee from the SPCA and has been my hairy mate for about 8 years. He is 28kg of lab/staffy cross and just the coolest dog you could find. Afraid to say that he is not too keen on bikes (esp noisy V-twins) because when they come out of the shed it usually means that it's time for him to be tied up and left on his lonesome. He does however guard them with his life and can recognise the sounds of a Bandit 1200 or a Firestorm coming up the road - the Connie can sometimes sneak up on him if he is having a nap in his house...

Merry Christmas all!


  1. Hahaha - looks like the Devil Dog with his eyes!

    Merry Xmas to you too Andrew and watch out for all those Auckland cage drivers fanning out to other parts of the country!

  2. I did say he was vicious! You should see what he's done his favourite soft toy!

  3. With eyes like that are you sure you dog is not on crack?

    Have a good one. Saty safe. All the Best Roger

  4. It's the doggie version of red-eye, they're colour blind don't ya know...