Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pie Run

Really lousy weather yesterday - the sun was gone by 9am and once it started raining it just kept at it until sometime before my eyes opened this morning.

Today started a little better so after walking the dog and pottering around home for a bit I was able to get the Connie out for a short pootle. The ride didn't end up very exciting - just a quick ride through to Woodville for lunch and then return via the Saddle.

So nothing startling but at least I got out for a while and Connie got a little bit of exercise. Looking forward to a really nice, crisp winter's day to got for a decent squirt...


  1. Good pies at Woodville???

  2. Afraid to say it wasn't too flash Geoff. I thought Pork & kumara would be quite nice but it turns out I was mistaken...