Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forever farkling

Yes, in my seemingly never ending bid to keep the motorcycle accessory industry afloat the Connie has a new farkle - a set of helmet locks.  Brian has had this farkle on his Connie for a while and after borrowing his spare lock on the TT I decided that it was time I got some too.

The lock kit comes from Projekt D where my GPS mount, screen and hugger have also come from and as usual they were a good crowd to deal with and the locks got here in under two weeks preceded by emailed instructions on how to fit them - nice.

The kit
The kit came with everything needed to install it and no less than four keys for the locks.  I'd look to go into fantastic detail on how to install the locks but I'd have to exaggerate - it couldn't have been easier.  All I had to do was remove my top box rack, slip the lock underneath and add a couple of washers on the front end of the rack (to keep it looking nice and level) and then bolt the plate back on.  Simple!

All done!  Now when's the next trip?


  1. Farrkle yes, but necessary function as well.

    Is that where farkle came from? Function and sparkle.