Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ohakea Airshow

Yes, not really a bike related post although I did ride over for it...

Today Ohakea put on a fantastic airshow to celebrate the 75th Anniversary with plenty of old warbirds on show along with our new helicopters and some awesome overseas guests.

Serious scrap...
When I first rolled up (nice and early) I strolled along the flight line snapping away and then joined the crowd to get up close and personal with one of two C-17's that the USAF had brought over.  This was really an unexpected highlight and it was fantastic to be able look through the plan and even climb up into the cockpit for a nosey.

Looks like a piece of cake, I'm sure I could drive...
Then there was another highlight courtesy of the Aussies - a quartet of F-18's!  Truly awesome and the loudest, fastest things in action - fantastic!
Hornets a buzzing!
The aerial displays were all good but our guys in our new (and old) choppers really put on a good show.  Fantastic to see both the Navy and Airforce showing off for the crowd.  Unfortunately I ran both my camera batteries out before NH90 did it's display.

Anyway for those who are keen (or bored) there is plenty of pics here and it was a really great day out - even if I did end up getting sunburned...

P-51D - Merlin power!


  1. I love air shows and this one looks very good. Lots of world war 2 fighters in there. I love my Mustangs.
    It must have been good to see that vampire jet in action. The small country town that I came from had one of those in the local park mounted on a pole.

    That C17 is frickin huge inside. That would've been an eye opener.

    Those F18's sure do sound good on those low passes don't they.

    Looks like a great day out andrew.

    1. Mustangs are probably my favourite too. Love the Spits as well but there's something about the Mustang.

      Not often we get to see C-17's or F-18's here - probably more likely to see them over in Oz eh?

    2. Have seen a few F-18s here in oz doing various shows and fly overs. I don't remember seeing a C-17 but I did see a C-5 Galaxy once at Richmond RAAF base.

  2. Nice one Andrew. Read about the 30 km long traffic queues so I'm picking that on a bike, filtering was the order of the day. Get any pissed-off motorists shouting at you to wait your turn???

    1. I filtered to the max Geoff. Didn't here any shouting at me but then I wasn't waiting around for it...

  3. Awesome pictures ( I clicked your link and checked out the album).

    Air shows are so neat. I love looking at all the planes and helicopters.

    We've been to the local air museum but haven't made it to the huge air show in Hillsboro, Which is about 90-100 miles north of here. Maybe this year we'll make it now that you've peaked my interest again.

  4. I love airshows, never have any up this way, which they did though. Great pics Andrew.

  5. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Some most excellent pics there Andrew. I was too lazy to walk too far out towrds the main runway and close to the action so I was pushing the limits on the poor camera. Got a few good pics all the same.

    It was certainly a good display and a great day to have a bike to beat the queues!!


  6. Some absolutely fantastic photos here, glad you shared them.