Saturday, April 07, 2012

A bit more protection

On day one of my trip away to the TT2000 I rode through some very muddy road works which resulted in a big muddy stripe up the radiator (well the rad guard).  While the rad guard was stopping anything big from holing the radiator and ruining my day I figured a decent caking of mud probably wasn't doing much for the cooling of the bike.  So on my return I ordered a mud guard extension from Projekt D.

The new farkle
And so, today it was time to get stuck in and fit it.  First I had to remove the guard from the bike.  This was pretty easy except for the little plastic clips which hold the brake hoses in place.  These are quite tricky to remove and I broke one so will have to pick up a replacement.

Something missing
After cleaning the inside of the guard, the next job was to to stick the guard in place using the adhesive strips already stuck to the guard extension.

Extension in place
Then I had to drill a few small holes through the guard and extension so a couple of screws could ensure that the extension stays put.  Then all I had to do was reinstall the guard.

Ta da!
Now all that crap off the front wheel is going to end up on the belly pan instead of the radiator...

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  1. You'll find much less crud gets on the radiator now. I put a fenda extenda on the front of the Gladius too. It makes cleaning easier.

    One of these days we need to put the screws in as we just used the adhesive. Been holding on great so far.