Saturday, April 21, 2012

A different kind of adventure...

Yes, way off topic today...

Today Bart and I joined Mark in a fairly vigorous tramp up Sledge Track.  We drove up to the car park and hit the track just before 10am.  The track starts off pretty easy for a while but the further in you go the more climbs and descents you have to do.

The route follows along a nice little creek and their are a number of places where you can stop for a break or even a swim (but not in April unless you're a lab cross).  We stopped at the "Picnic Table" for a smoko break and refill our water bottles before starting the big climb up to the "Elevation".

This next bit is quite a grind (especially for someone as unfit as me) but rewards you with some good views in places.

From the "Elevation" we carried on upwards with the track getting a bit trickier in places until we finally came out of the bush onto the tops at the Platinum Ridge Junction.  From here we could have carried on to the old Platinum mine but instead opted for a sandwich and then to retrace our steps back down the hill.

We were a fair bit quicker walking back down the "Picnic table" but once again stopped there for a breather and to get more water.  Then it was a case of tackling a few more ups and downs and some nice bush before we were once again back at the car after a trip of about four hours all up.

Overall I really enjoyed the walk even though it was tough going for me in a few places but now after a shower and a coffee I'm feeling good.  Just hope I'm not too sore tomorrow as there's some back roads that need riding...

Map stolen from the PNCC website (I'm a rates payer so it's ok):

More pics here.

Happy pooch


  1. Certainly looked like a nice day for a walk! Nice pics :)

  2. What a great day of hiking. The views up there look beautiful. I love to go hiking in the woods but don't get out there very often anymore. Free days seem to be spend riding or gardening.

    Poor Bart looks all tuckered out. I bet he crashed hard and slept for a few hours.

    1. Riding is generally a bit easier...

      Yep, Bart was one pooped puppy. He is perhaps getting a bit old for such a big day as he was very sore later on. He did recover about 2 days before me though...