Saturday, October 13, 2012

Abort, abort...

Well the weather has taken a wee turn for the worse.  Today I was planning on riding up to the 'naki to get the West Point at Rahotu and even with the bad forecast I was pretty keen to go.

I got up early and even though there was the odd sprinkle of rain I suited up and was on the road just after 7.  It didn't take long until I hit the first of the rain (less than 20km) and the further I went the more it settled in.

North of Bulls SH3 you get into some more exposed bits and it was here that I first started to get hit by the building wind.  It was getting quite blustery and I knew that this would mean it would be worse further on North of Wanganui.  So at Turakina I decided that rather than spend another 5-6 hours battling the elements I'd head home.

I turned off and took Wanganui Road back to Marton and Halcombe.  By taking this route I was a little less exposed to the wind but the first bit of Wanganui Road involved a bit of battling with the wind and I had to speed up a bit to help punch a hole in the wind.  The PR2's were fantastic though and I got home pretty quickly, parked the horse up and set about sorting my gear so it'll dry for tomorrow when I hope the weather will be better so I can get the Southern Point at Lake Ferry.

Crappy phone pic of jacket dripping onto the floor...
The Rahotu point will have to be picked up on my way back from the far North...


  1. Brrr. Sometimes it is best to be prudent and turn around. Sounds like it was a smart move.

    1. Yeah, I didn't need to be out in it. Makes my ride on Sunday a wee bit longer though...